Sponsorship Levels

Level 1 ($100+ donation): small logo on our Tournament t-shirts

level 2 ($175+ donation): medium logo on our tournament t-shirts

level 3 ($250+ donation): Large t-shirt logo, placement on our tournament backdrop

Please use the ‘Sponsorship Donation’ button below to make your contribution. Thank you.

Sponsorship Donation

Become a Sponsor

We appreciate our sponsors and the role they play in the community. Your donation is our primary source of funding and allows us to run our event. Simply put, without our sponsors, there would be no WAFA Invitational. Sponsors enjoy the benefit of a logo spot on the back of our event t-shirt, as well as promotion through our website and social media accounts.

We also welcome our sponsors to join us at our event, set up tables, share their products/services and get involved. We value our relationships with our sponsors even more than their contributions.

If you would like to sponsor our event or learn more about the WAFA Invitational, email us at wafainvitational@gmail.com. We look forward to teaming up with you. Sponsorship levels are shown above, however, all donations are welcome. Thank you!


Our Sponsors

2nd Annual wafa invitational Charity tournament sponsors